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Recommendations: Courses


Former IB DP Economics Student

"When I joined his economics class, I immediately felt comfortable and I knew that Mr. Kempe can be someone I can trust and communicate with very well from the start.  His approach to our class was something extraordinary. There wasn’t that sense of uneasiness or awkwardness, his way of communicating with our class felt natural.  Mr. Kempe is extremely capable of understanding every student and knows how to approach a class, whether or not he has taught that person in previous years. He can instantly open up to students and quickly build trust and a firm level of respect between the students and himself.

Without a doubt, Mr. Kempe has played a major role in creating a memorable time in my first year of IB and allowed me to spark an interest in economics for my future college career."


Former IB DP Economics Student

"His presence in our classroom was undoubtedly the reason that allowed me to be successful in this course. When teaching economics, he would use examples that helped connect and captivate students, and his attitude allowed for a secure learning environment. I had the opportunity to see how he could connect with students and it really was eye-opening to me about what it means to be a good teacher. 

One of my most memorable moments with Mr. Kempe will be when he took the time to check in on the students who took both economics and psychology and congratulated us for our hard work for our internal assessment. He embodied the values he taught and showed students that the IB is not only filled with stressful times and allowed for students to enjoy themselves. Regardless of being a teacher who allowed for an enjoyable learning experience, he was also extremely reliable. Throughout exam season, he was supportive, helpful and willing to take time out of his schedule to help all students, regardless of if they were in his class. His light-hearted teaching style allowed for students to feel comfortable when asking questions or risking making mistakes. He was understanding of when students were struggling or were stressed for other classes.  I am certain his next students will benefit from working with such a distinguished and passionate teacher. I’m pleased to say that I was able to have him as a teacher for at least one year and I have no doubt that he will continue to inspire students.

As a student who had to move half way through the IB, Mr. Kempe was one of the most supportive teachers I had. He went above and beyond to make sure there would be no misalignment in the progress I had made and reached out to my teacher on my behalf..."


Former Individuals and Societies Student

"In a different way to previous years of I&S, he prioritized getting to know his students first. Mr. Kempe Interacted with them, and therefore, made an environment where asking questions and debating was rather normal. Students gradually were comfortable speaking up in class, became more social, and therefore, the learning process became more efficient and effective. Not only did the learning change, but also the attitude towards learning. I noticed the students around me change as they slowly started to speak up more and started looking forward to the classes. This is possibly the most impactful thing a teacher could do...

I’ve always admired Mr. Kempe’s teaching style and how he interacts with students and I think of him as a role model for all teachers. If theoretically speaking, teachers were more like Mr. Kempe, the learning atmosphere would drastically change. Students will be able to engage more in the learning and no one would be left behind. I believe that school is not a place where students should feel stressed and worried. Many of my fellow classmates and colleagues would say how much they are struggling with their studies and how they dislike school. That said, many of those same students would forward to Mr. Kempe’s classes. I think he creates this kind of special relationship with the students and which makes us all feel comfortable around him."


Former Individuals and Societies Student

"The first time I stepped into Mr. In Kempe's room, it was evident that he prioritized building a bond and establishing a relationship with his students before starting to teach his lessons... I believe that Mr. Kempe puts great effort into getting to know each and every student he teaches, and goes out of his way to form everlasting relationships with them.

One trait that I heavily admire about Mr. Kempe is his constant encouragement and his desire for his students to succeed, inside and out of the classroom. Never has there been a time where he has shown reluctance to aid a student, furthermore clarify a topic or demonstrate and set an example of what was expected. This motivated my peers and I to produce our best work possible...

Mr. Kempe is also a firm believer in constant improvement of his methods and receiving constructive criticism from all his students, as, throughout the school year, my class would receive multiple surveys with questions about our completed assignments and how he could have made it easier for us to produce a product we were better satisfied with. I imagine that a majority of teachers don’t even consider doing this, but Mr. Kempe not only asks us what he can do better, he also takes almost immediate action and applies the feedback students have given him to provide us with better learning opportunities and develop a deeper understanding of the topics."


Former AP US History Student - Currently on mission with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

"I have lived around the world and have attended seven different schools throughout my life, and I can say without hesitation that Mr. Kempe is one of the best teachers I have ever had. When anyone mentions his name, I immediately smile...

He uses his ever-present humor to make even bland topics interesting and to diffuse classroom problems. I can't recall a time when I have ever felt uncomfortable, bored, or upset with him. Mr. Kempe has a strong respect for different cultures and beliefs, even those he may not see eye to eye with. For example, Mr. Kempe and I come from different backgrounds and see the world differently on certain levels, but I have never felt anything from him but respect for me. He has been one of the most impactful teachers I have ever had; he acts a personal advocate while at the same time expanding my perspectives and understanding of the world. To Mr. Kempe, teaching is not just a job to earn money--it's about making a difference in each student's life.

Not only has he led me in the National Honor Society, but he also saw needs in his school community and took a leadership role to make a difference. After learning about the desires of some students to challenge themselves in the outdoors, he created a school hiking club and organized several trips, including two hikes up Pico Duarte, the tallest mountain in the Caribbean. During the arduous hikes, Mr. Kempe remained the first-rate teacher. When students complained, he used his humor and stories to positively lead everyone through the end and back again in three days. Beyond helping students unplug and experience the outdoors, he saw the need for these students, most of whom have only experienced this small Dominican island and the U.S., to broaden their understanding of other cultures. He took the lead to help students experience foreign viewpoints by organizing and leading a trip to the Middle East. "


Former Individuals and Societies Student

"Mr. Kempe has created a learning environment that caters to the needs of every type of student... there is no pressure to perform perfectly or to conform to any opinions that are not your own...

Mr. Kempe’s kindness makes him a very approachable teacher, without any barrier or fear of authority. His welcoming demeanour has allowed me to ask an endless amount of questions, all of which were answered with clarity and perceptiveness. Mr. Kempe’s wide range of knowledge and his passion to share has challenged me to pursue a real, true understanding of each topic we had covered. For example, when I presented a response to the Isreali-Palestinian conflict, having Mr. Kempe support me and provide me with information enlightened me to realise the genuine complexity of the situation.

Finally, the positive energy Mr. Kempe radiates is visible to students, making them genuinely invested and excited in learning. Though formal writing isn’t the thing I’ve felt most comfortable with in the past, I found myself wanting to showcase the improvement I had made throughout the year and contribute my perspective. Throughout the year, many of my classes tended to feel repetitive and tedious, however, Mr. Kempe gave us the ideal balance of collaboration, independence, and autonomy to make each class engaging."


Former Individuals and Societies Student

"(Mr Kempe) is capable of teaching complex global issues in an engaging yet sensitive manner, a skill that is difficult yet ever so crucial for teachers to achieve in this increasingly interconnected world... He created a comfortable and humorous learning environment while still teaching his classes in ways that felt useful to every student. Personally speaking, he reignited a passion in me for cultures, geography, and history; subjects that had become increasingly mundane prior to being taught by Mr. Kempe...

I’ve never felt more prepared and at ease during exams than when attending my Individuals and Societies exam...

Mr. Kempe’s continued support and ability to empathize with his students makes him not only an accomplished teacher but the perfect addition to any school community. I can assure you that his teaching style will push a student’s academic and personal life into one of curiosity and endless love for learning."


Former Individuals and Societies Student

"I have had many IB I&S teachers, but none of them were able to create such a great learning environment... Every day we would come into class, and not be filled with stress as school often does to you. As someone who is quite shy to speak up in front of people and tends to get anxious, this hugely helped with my learning. I was able to discuss, explore and go deeper into the very interesting subject. Instead of being anxious because of a presentation, discussions, and assessments, I could take a moment to learn. We would regularly have a chance to actually talk and express our feelings and thoughts on what we were learning.

My improvement throughout the year with Mr Kempe is evident in my performance as it steadily got better, especially with essay writing. The skills I developed from Mr Kempe's class go with me through what we do in I&S today, other subjects, and even outside of school. He helped me learn how to create a structured essay, while still talking and exploring interesting subjects within the bounds of the prompt."


Former US History Student - Studies at Northwestern University

"While I was his student, I found myself looking forward to his class and was always interested in knowing what he would teach us next...

I often found myself missing his class as I went through my senior year and reminiscing with my friends about how much fun we had while being in his classroom. I had never thought I would burst out laughing as much while learning history, but the one thing Mr. Kempe can be trusted to do is to make the classroom setting feel fun and comfortable...

Something I admire about Mr. Kempe is the relationship he builds with his students. He shows each and every one of his students that he cares about their learning just as much as he cares about them. I often found myself talking to Mr. Kempe after class not only about what we were learning, but also asking for advice or just ranting about concerns I had in my everyday life...

Even though I felt that way, I know that most of Mr. Kempe’s students felt exactly the same..."


Mentee - Graduate of Harvard College

"Mr. Kempe has played an important role in my academic and personal development. He has been an important mentor to me since senior year, which is slightly surprising because he never actually taught me in class...

Mr. Kempe is invested in my success and periodically checks in to make sure everything is alright in my life. I never imagined that I would have formed such an important relationship with someone who was not even my teacher, but I am incredibly grateful that it occurred...

Mr. Kempe is an exemplary individual... 

I am certain Andrew Kempe will have a positive impact on your school community. He will have a profound effect on your students’ academic success, but more importantly, he will also be incredibly concerned with their personal and emotional well-being. Your students will directly benefit from the interest, concern, and enthusiasm that Andrew Kempe brings to teaching and the

greater school community."



Recommendations: Courses


Colleague - Arts and Design Teacher - Yokohama International School

"Positive relationships are at the heart of Andrew’s practice, he cares deeply for every individual in his classroom. Students want to do the right thing for Andrew, because he is respectful of them as individuals. In a pastoral care role and as a classroom teacher students feel comfortable and cared for in his learning space (whether virtually or in-person)...

I have a deep appreciation for Andrew’s professionalism in team planning meetings. His kind and thoughtful manner means he creates a culture of respect and best intentions as he clarifies and celebrates all ideas being brought to the table. He promotes thoughtful dialogue and gently directs conversations to productive design-making with outcomes that benefit all stakeholders. This is a highly valuable skill in any profession and comes very naturally to Andrew.

As Andrew and I co-designed and created our interdisciplinary units of inquiry his strengths as a curriculum planner was to ensure students had voice in their learning and choice in the direction they moved their inquiry."


Colleague - Social Studies Teacher - Carol Morgan

"Relationships are at the foundation of what makes Andrew so special; relationships with colleagues, administrators, parents, and most importantly, students. The kids absolutely adore him. ln his classroom he cultivates an atmosphere that is simultaneously challenging and comfortable. There is an ease of dialogue and it is apparent his students feel able to question, share, and be vulnerable in the learning process. I have been present during his class time and have witnessed these interactions and the mutual respect and care that encourages his students to strive for their personal best...

This extends to the relationships he has with parents who view him as a role model for their children in his guidance and support. They, and school administrators, have trust and confidence in him to enrich students in and out of the classroom...

As selfishly as l'd love to continue to work with Andrew, I cannot impress upon you what an asset he will be for his next posting. Regardless of where his next school is, he will be a catalyst to effect positive change for the school community and in the lives of his students."


Parent / Board Member - Carol Morgan

"I am a parent at the Carol Morgan School of Santo Domingo and a member of its Board of Directors.  I recommend Andrew without hesitation as an educator that excels in his ability to engage with students academically, as well as through mentoring...

It was obvious to us, as parents, that Mr Kempe is an experienced and enthusiastic teacher, with an ability to not only deeply engage students in the course material, but also to guide them though the AP curriculum in a structured way...

Andrew is a devoted mentor and a positive role model... his door is always open to answer any course related questions, as well as to provide guidance and support.  Andrew has been there, providing thoughtful guidance and in many cases, just a kind ear, for his students, including my children, as they work through life issues and the stress of high school.

In summary, as a parent, I recommend Andrew without hesitation, highlighting his ability to engage with students academically, his mentoring of students and junior faculty, and his successful leadership of experience based learning opportunities".


Evaluator - Assistant Principal - Carol Morgan

" I would happily work with him again and wish my own children would have had the opportunity to have had him as a teacher.... outstanding example of what being a lifelong learner truly means. He embodies learning beyond the classroom when he designs, plans and creates a plethora of student experiences from climbing Pico Duarte, the tallest mountain in the Caribbean, in the Dominican Republic, to initiating an experience based learning opportunity in the Middle East...

He has a true understanding that deep learning can only take place if you are willing to put in the time and effort it takes to get know students and build relationships. He plans and implements lessons to be rigorous and thought provoking but above all relevant. He engages our students in being active participants in their learning experience...

Over the past two years Andrew has played a pivotal role in developing our school's experience based learning program..."


Former Evaluator - Principal - Carol Morgan

"He has the ability to share his passion with his students in such a way that they enjoy his class, give 100% effort, and develop a relationship with him that carries on for years. He is passionate about what he teaches and how he teaches it. ln addition to re-launching our school's AP US History program, he once again stepped up this school year to teach the first year of the AP Capstone program with another teacher, collaborating closely to ensure the success of the program. His use of technology in the classroom, as well his ability to join rigor with innovative ideas assures his classroom is one that students choose when selecting courses for the following school year...

Mr. Kempe has been at Carol Morgan for the past four years which has seen a yearly transition at the secondary leadership level. He has patiently supported each new principal, Head of School, and new staff within his department. He often serves as a mentor with new staff.

With his passion and his desire to network throughout a school, Mr. Kempe is an asset to any school community and his presence and positive influence at Carol Morgan School will be missed."


Mentor - Head of School - Carol Morgan School

"Andrew has built strong relationships with students by being present and attentive to who students are and engaging with them both academically and personally.  Andrew understands that making connections with students is integral to students feeling comfortable in their learning.  He creates a student centered and supportive learning environment.

Andrew has shown commitment through his own learning in becoming a National Board Certified Teacher in addition to his New York State Professional Certification...

Andrew has collaborated across grade levels with the Deputy Head of School to adopt new school wide standards for the social studies department and create a spiral of skills for students from grades 6 through 12 ensuring CMS students have a comprehensive and enriched learning experience....

Social studies lends itself to real world learning, but it is Andrew's approach and commitment to providing relevant learning opportunities that make content most meaningful for students."


Former Principal - Carol Morgan

"Mr Kempe is a passionate educator and social advocate.  He is highly intelligent and deeply reflective concerning his teaching as well as issues that impact our global community.  He is a world traveller and brings with him a sense of adventure and a wealth of interesting experiences.  Andrew uses this sense of adventure, wealth of experiences, and high level of intelligence to engage his Social Studies students in challenging issues.  You can often find his students involved in intense debates or presenting individual and group projects on challenging topics.

Mr Kempe builds positive relationships with students, parents, and colleagues alike.  His students enjoy his classroom and the safe learning environment he creates."


Global Director of Education - Avenues, The World School

Founding Principal - New Visions Charter High School for Advanced Math and Science

"I have had the pleasure of knowing Andrew Kempe as an educator and a professional over the past seven years. Andrew is a wonderful history teacher...

Andrew taught 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grade, and was regarded by his colleagues and school leaders for his dedication to the success of his students. He taught 9th and 10th grade global history, a Human Rights elective, as well as founding our network’s Advanced Placement US History course, developed a curriculum designed to bridge the gaps between the students' middle school history understandings and the rigorous Advanced Placement standards set by the College Board.

As much as Andrew has been a strong contributor to the professional teaching culture at AMS, what I can best attest to is Andrew's value and participation as a leader within our school community. Over the three years that Andrew was a member of our staff, he strived to build consensus amongst our teaching staff, the school administration and the New Visions Charter Management Organization. He maintained a productive and valuable relationship with me, and has shown his ability to do so with a variety of personalities."


Founding Assistant Principal/Principal - New Visions Charter High School for Advanced Math and Science

"I have seen Andrew Kempe grow into a teacher leader at our school, particularly with respect to classroom teaching practice.  There are two skills that Andrew has developed over the past few years, that have helped him to grow into a teacher leader: his ability to ask meaningful questions to push teachers thinking, and his ability to be reflective with respect to his practice.

Andrew Kempe has utilized his ability to ask thoughtful questions about the work, which has allowed his colleagues and himself to think more critically about teaching and learning.  The best example of this has been in our teacher effectiveness groups which met once a month last school year and focused on discussion based teaching.  In these groups teachers worked on creating a common language and belief system around what it means to facilitate rich discussions in our classrooms...  Within each of the monthly sessions, Andrew always came to the group with thoughts, ideas, and wonderings that allowed the group to dig deeper with respect to discussion based teaching.

Andrew Kempe has demonstrated significant growth both as a teacher and as a teacher leader due to his ability to reflect on his practice and honestly assess its impact on student and teacher learning....

It became the norm for Andrew Kempe to create time and space with his supervisor (Julia Chun) and myself to discuss both his teaching practice and his facilitation of social studies team meetings.  Within these discussions, Andrew always kept the discussion focused on how the decisions that he made impacted his students or his colleagues in the meeting he led."

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