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Experience Based Educator, Collaborator, and Learning Facilitator

The purpose of this webpage is not to restate what is in my resume, but to provide context and supporting artifacts for the work I have been doing with students, as well as who I am as a person in order to provide a more comprehensive image of who I am as an individual and an educator. 

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Andrew Kempe Educator NBCT Teacher History Social Studies


I'm Andrew, an international social studies educator with over a decade of experience teaching highly diverse student populations from around the world in AP, MYP, and DP environments. I believe in provoking thought and dialogue between students through inquiry-driven experiential and project-based learning and serve as a role model for students as I strive to shape tomorrow's leaders into better global citizens.

I encourage you to read on for more on the work I do with students and as a teacher leader, to learn a bit about my reasons for teaching, as well as perusing my references.

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